It’s Finally Here. 

A dream of mine has finally come true. My first published piece came out in the November issue of Ohio Magazine. This article is all about an upcoming art exhibit in Zanesville, Ohio titled, American Modernism, Urban Realism, and The Eight. The paintings feature artists who depicted what life was like in America during the  early 1900s and how rapidly things were changing. With the influx of immigrants and the standards of living changing, they fought against the ideals of what was considered real art. The Eight painted, photographed and sketched everyday life during this time period.

I was beyond excited to have this as my first writing assignment at my internship. Art and its history is one of my favorite things to read and write about. I was very nervous while interviewing the director of the museum. I was afraid that I was asking all the wrong questions or that I would not have enough information. After the interview I wrote up my first draft and sent it to my editor. Again, more nerves. After some revisions and adding of things, it was done and ready to be printed. So, here it finally is. The full story can be found in the November issue of Ohio Magazine.

City Scenes

I can’t wait to share my upcoming pieces with you all.