Wedding Planning

We’ve been super busy planning our second wedding and I’m so excited with how everything is turning out.

The trickiest part of wedding planning is blending both of our cultures. My husband is Bangladeshi and I’m American. So to mix our backgrounds together, this is what we’re doing. We’re having traditional asian food for the main dishes. But for dessert we’re having cupcakes and a dessert table. While my husband is wearing a traditional shawarnee, I am wearing a modern style wedding dress from David’s Bridal. I’m also wearing tennis shoes! The Kate Spade bridal collection stole my heart. Bridesmaids dresses might be my favorite part of the wedding. The girls are wearing blush dresses from Asos. Instead of having super grand centerpieces, we are making our own with wood slices, candles, mason jars and flowers.

Our overall theme is very rustic (I know, every bride says that.) All the decor pieces are either wood, flowers, or antique pieces. All neutral colors. We hit the jackpot with Herts Vintage Hire. The owner is putting all the finishing touches to our venue to really create the perfect look. Antique frames and suitcase of props for our photo booth, ladders, and signage are just a few things she’s putting together.

Probably the grandest thing we’re going to have are the stages. Stages are set up for pictures and are very common in Asian weddings. The stages are super fancy to me but on the same hand, I’m not going to argue about having a flower wall at my wedding.

With all the big things booked we have only a few little bits left to put together and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. Check out our list of vendors and little preview of what’s to come below!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Park Inn at Bedford

Wedding Décor: Kenza Creations and Herts Vintage Hire

Cake and Cupcakes: Labelle Cake Company

Dessert Table: Sweet Treat Bedford

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Asos

Catering: Premier Catering Services

Flowers: Fleurette Flowers

Photographer: Zan Photography

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