UK Spouse Visa

My husband and I recently received our visa approval. I am now an American expat living in England. The entire process has certainly been a whirlwind, but it was worth every single bit. I created this blog to help those who are interested in the Spouse Visa. Please feel free to read our story.  I’ve also included a couple links to forums and websites that I found super helpful during the visa process.

Our Spouse Visa Story

UK Yankee

Somewhere around the 10th week mark, I found an online forum that was entirely dedicated to American expats in the UK. This forum is filled with knowledgeable individuals who will support you every step of the way. There are boards for everything you could possibly want to know about different visas to the UK including the spousal and fiancé visas. You can find information on healthcare, travel tips, even resources on how to move your furniture. Everything you might have questions on you can find answers here.



This links to the official UK government website. Here you can the guidelines on how to apply for the spouse visa, how much it costs, and what needs to be included.



As a side note: TONS of people apply for the UK Spouse visa without a lawyer and have no problem. However, if you have a case like mine or something more complicated like children, previous marriages, or if you just want someone that is more knowledgeable than you to bounce questions off of, get a lawyer. Do your research, find one that you feel comfortable with. Find someone you feel like you can trust. It’s a stressful enough process, you don’t have to go at this on your own.