My journey into the editorial field was certainly no easy one. But, we all have to start from somewhere and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the experiences life has thrown me into.

I struggled for a long time, taking any freelance work I could get my hands on. Some of my first pieces were for local news channel CBS. I covered arts and culture in Cleveland. This was first look into what it took to write a good story. I walked the streets looking for the best antique shops, I called endless restaurants for a sneak peak into Valentine’s Day menus, I took photos and conducted interviews. It was hard work but it was incredible. Find some of my earliest pieces here.

While freelancing, I worked several other jobs and continued trudging through completing my my bachelor’s degree. Eventually, I landed a job as a circulation assistant with a publishing company. I took this position as way to get into the editorial department and I finally found myself an internship with Ohio Magazine. I learned so much while working in this position, and it was exciting to see the other side of the editorial field. From the less structured life of a freelancer to what a role in the editorial process could offer me. I stayed on as an intern for two semesters and this turned into a freelance position. Check out some of my best pieces in the drop down menu above.

Now that I’m living in the UK, I have the incredible opportunity to be working with FQ Magazine, a lifestyle magazine aimed at dads and all things parenting. Who knew all my years working at daycares would pay off! Head over to FQ headquarters to check out my latest pieces.

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