All things rustic and floral

For our wedding, I really wanted everything to be rustic and floral. Having worked as a bridal stylist, I had seen so many different wedding color combinations, wedding themes and everything in between. This helped me know exactly what I did and didn’t want for our wedding

This post is all about our decor vendors, Herts Vintage Hire and Kenza Creations.

Herts Vintage Hire

We originally had the idea of having a wooden type cart for desserts. As we were looking around for different rustic carts, we stumbled on Herts Vintage Hire’s website. They had not only the carts we were looking for but also, selfie station set ups and all the signage we were going to make ourselves. Ladders that could be decorated according to your own style and much more. We knew that we had to have Carla and her team to make all the elements of our wedding come together.

When we met with Carla, we gave her the entire run down of the day, the layout of the venue and our vision. We talked about what styles we liked, colors, and the props we wanted. What’s really cool is that Carla creates a Pintrest board for all her clients. So that together you can add what you like and she can get an even better idea of your style. From Carla, we ended up choosing:

  • Vintage Photo frame with a matching vintage suitcase for our selfie station
  • Rustic ladder with all sorts of decor
  • Signage that labeled the men and women’s side
  • A personalized welcome sign that were able to take home with us
  • Jars, candles and books to decorate the two cupcake tables

These are the items we choose. With Carla’s amazing eye for detail she included even more. I had only asked her to decorate the ladder, selfie station and the two cupcake tables. But she went above and beyond!

When I arrived at the venue I could not have been more thrilled with how everything was put together. The ladder had even more props that we had originally chosen. The centerpieces we made all had wooden confetti pieces (We had 35 tables in all so that was no easy task).

Every empty space was filled with props and signs that matched our theme perfectly. I would highly recommend Herts Vintage Hire for any event you may have.

Kenza Creations

I’d never been to an Asian wedding so I had no idea what the staging thing was all about. Traditionally people have a stage built for their wedding. They’re usually super elegant and have seating, this is where you take family photos and bride and groom photos.

We looked around at a couple different vendors for staging and decided on Kenza Creations. They had more stages in the style that we were going for. Neither my hubby or I really wanted a super glitzy wedding so when we saw a stage with a flower wall and massive trees, we were sold. Since we had separate sides for the men and women, we went with two different stages.

I was so impressed with this team. They were super attentive and understanding. We had a tricky time because the men’s side was much smaller than the women’s. But they handled it like the pro’s they are. We played around with switching stages, switching sofas and then finally shortening the men’s stage so that there would be enough space. They did everything we asked. They helped us play around with spacing until we were absolutely happy with everything. On the day of the wedding, they showed up right on time and got to work. The stages were beautiful and I’m so glad we’ll have these pictures with them.

All photos taken by Zan Photography

Our UK Wedding

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about venues, flowers, and wedding colors. I had been counting down the days until our wedding finally arrived, thinking that it was taking so long. Now, that I look back it actually came in a flash.

Although we started planning for our wedding well ahead of time, the week before the big day we still had TONS of last minute things to do. We had a final appointments with the venue, our decor vendor and make-up trial. We still had to pick up all the flowers and make the center pieces.

The day before the wedding was filled with still last minute preparations. Things like packing up the car, picking up my bridal bouquet and getting my nails done. Then the wedding day finally arrived.

The Wedding Day

I woke up ate a quick breakfast, then proceeded to go door to door and wake up everyone else. We headed to the venue to start setting up the tables and centre pieces. When we got there our staging vendors were there and hauling up the branches, flowers and seating that would make up the stages for the men and women’s side.

It was a stressful morning, with a huge guest list we were worried about everyone having a place to sit. We added and moved tables around, added chairs, took chairs away, made the stage on the men’s side smaller. (Oh and by we, I mean my husband and the venue director.) You could find me with a latte in hand, setting up the center pieces. After my job was done, my sister-in-laws and I headed back to the house to start getting ready.

I was so lucky to find Emma Rae, my make-up artist for the day. She was incredible and so attentive. She listened to every detail about the theme for the wedding, looked at all the ideas I had for make-up looks and even incorporated the style of my dress to make sure my make-up matched with everything. I highly recommend her, if you’re ever in need for a make-up artist.

Once everyone was ready, we headed back to the venue. Our wedding was held at the Mercure Bedford Centre Hotel. It was absolutely perfect for what we needed. It was also right on the embankment so it was perfect for all the outside wedding photography.

When we walked into the venue, I could have cried. It was so incredible to see all of our ideas and vision put into life. It was absolutely everything i wanted and more. The entire day was filled with love and happiness and I will never forget it.

I will be doing a separate right up for all of our vendors, each one was so incredible. Make sure to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out!

Wedding Planning

We’ve been super busy planning our second wedding and I’m so excited with how everything is turning out.

The trickiest part of wedding planning is blending both of our cultures. My husband is Bangladeshi and I’m American. So to mix our backgrounds together, this is what we’re doing. We’re having traditional asian food for the main dishes. But for dessert we’re having cupcakes and a dessert table. While my husband is wearing a traditional shawarnee, I am wearing a modern style wedding dress from David’s Bridal. I’m also wearing tennis shoes! The Kate Spade bridal collection stole my heart. Bridesmaids dresses might be my favorite part of the wedding. The girls are wearing blush dresses from Asos. Instead of having super grand centerpieces, we are making our own with wood slices, candles, mason jars and flowers.

Our overall theme is very rustic (I know, every bride says that.) All the decor pieces are either wood, flowers, or antique pieces. All neutral colors. We hit the jackpot with Herts Vintage Hire. The owner is putting all the finishing touches to our venue to really create the perfect look. Antique frames and suitcase of props for our photo booth, ladders, and signage are just a few things she’s putting together.

Probably the grandest thing we’re going to have are the stages. Stages are set up for pictures and are very common in Asian weddings. The stages are super fancy to me but on the same hand, I’m not going to argue about having a flower wall at my wedding.

With all the big things booked we have only a few little bits left to put together and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. Check out our list of vendors and little preview of what’s to come below!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Park Inn at Bedford

Wedding Décor: Kenza Creations and Herts Vintage Hire

Cake and Cupcakes: Labelle Cake Company

Dessert Table: Sweet Treat Bedford

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Asos

Catering: Premier Catering Services

Flowers: Fleurette Flowers

Photographer: Zan Photography

Unique Ohio Weddings

Finally! Finally! Finally!

My wedding feature is finally out. This year I had the opportunity to cover Unique Ohio Weddings for Ohio Magazine. This story featured three very different brides with three very different venues and how they each made their day special, all the while showcasing what breathtaking venues Ohio has to offer future brides.

I worked really hard on this feature and I am thrilled to share it with you all. Make sure you head over to Ohio Magazine to check out the full story. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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It’s funny to think this time last year I was working as an editorial intern while juggling work and school. I cannot believe how fast time goes by. Last November, I was working on a feature for Ohio Magazine that was all about unique wedding venues in Ohio. This was such a cool experience as I was able to combine my love for weddings with writing, another passion of mine. Check out my story below!

Enchanted Evenings