My First Time in Wales

Anniversaries call for celebrations, or trips in our case. We landed on Wales to get away and celebrate. We decided to forgo the hustle and bustle of busy cities, we get enough of that in London. We picked a cozy little cottage, nestled away in acres of acres and farmland and countryside. Literally, in the middle of nowhere.

We found this cottage on Airbnb and had no trouble. When we got into Wales it looked like the zombie apocalypse was about to take place with all the fog, but it was still gorgeous!

After a four hour drive, some of which were on streets that realistically should only have horse-drawn carriages (I mean really why are the roads so narrow?) we spent the first day getting settled in. But the next day brought on a new adventure.

We decided to visit the Bosherton Lily Ponds. What we didn’t know was that lily ponds really come alive in June/July. Although the lily ponds weren’t there, we could not have asked for more beautiful scenery. Walking around the park, which turned into a venture up and through mountains was breathtaking. It looked like we were walking around in a Lord of the Rings movie. I thought England was beautiful, but it has nothing on the landscapes of Wales. The biggest surprise of the day was the beach that we stumbled upon, Broadhaven.

Our next day out we headed to Pembroke. The most charming city I’ve seen. Everyone was super friendly. To be honest people in general were much more friendly in Wales than London. Pembroke holds, Pembroke Castle among other attractions. This castle built in 926, still stands till this day. With some updating, they’ve added technology throughout the castle so that you can learn all about the birthplace of Henry VII while you explore the grounds. We met the nicest guy before we went inside the castle. His name was John and he gave us the lowdown on not just the castle, but all of Pembroke. If you happen to visit Pembroke Castle and hear a trumpet playing, that’s our friend John!

The castle was gorgeous. It’s definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Just an FYI, there was a TON of walking involved and even more windy stairs. So, if you ever visit a castle be prepared for a workout along with a history lesson.

We ate Pembroke’s own, Food at Williams. Delicious. We both had the chili and garlic shrimp, it was amazing. I also had an apple pie latte, that tasted like everything good in this world. We walked across the street to Saltwater Studio, a bespoke shop in the town center. We bought candles, of course and found that the lattes we had were roasted by the owner’s husband! You can check the entire collection as well as the selection of coffee here.

We’ve been home about a week and I miss Wales already. I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to explore the UK.