Cakes, Cake and more Cake!

Finally on to the dessert, the best tasting part of a wedding.

I really wanted to have cupcakes as part of our desserts. We already had gulab jub, a traditional asian dessert served with ice cream as a part of our meal. But I really wanted to have something from my culture as well, this is where the cupcakes came in.

Thanks to Pintrest, I had the exact idea of how I wanted the cupcakes and cake to be displayed. Again, since we are not a super fancy shamncy couple we wanted a simple cake design. We decided on a semi-naked icing, which is a light layer of icing. We also wanted to have macaroons and fresh flowers to decorate the top. I really wanted to have a cake topper, like those super cute Mr and Mrs wooden lettering. However, my husband was very unimpressed with any cake topper I showed him. Marriage is a compromise, and every once in awhile I am the one who has to comprise.

La Belle Cake Company

So, flowers and macaroons, a one tier cake and 350 cupcakes was our final decision. Choosing a cake vendor was possibly the most fun of choosing all the vendors. Since each initial meeting includes a cake tasting.

We decided on La Belle Cake Company for our cake vendors. During our cake tasting, we went over cake flavors, designs and even different colors that we wanted the cupcake icing to be. They were super attentive and made sure we had everything we wanted.

We had two cakes, one for each side and then divided the cupcakes between the sides as well. The flavor of our main cake was lavender and lemon, we wanted to go with something light since it was a summer wedding. The cupcake flavors were a mix of salted caramel, vanilla, lemon and white chocolate raspberry.

Sweet Treats Bedford

Obviously, 350 cupcakes aren’t enough, we also had a dessert table. Sweet Treats Bedford, do a wide variety of dessert table options. They also have popcorn, cotton candy and even a selfie station!

The dessert table we choose had around 250 different dessert options Everything from Oreo cheesecakes to lemon meringue. They were a hit! Each dessert is hand crafted so every single one looks incredible. With so much detail added the desserts were almost too pretty to eat. They also kept with our floral theme by adding a mini-flower wall backdrop.

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